Once Upon a Pen – a story told in original art.

My passion is mixing lightness with dark, pain with beauty but mostly to express all the crazy emotions we have locked up inside.

I am a New Zealander by birth and a Yukoner by situation. My family and I live in the far north in Dawson City.

I grew up in a small town with a big Art’s community – creativity being the central focus in school, work and lifestyle. Given the wide range of mediums and techniques available to me, I have finally admitted that my love lays with the ever versatile and under-rated ‘good old pen’.

Inspiration comes from a love of nature and of people watching. A career in the art of Floristry sparked a ‘slight obsession’ with flowers, trees and feathers but it is women and their stories that truly hold me. Taking a snapshot of a moment in someone’s life, adding a natural element and then capturing it on paper. The possibilities are endless and I will be telling these tales in pen for a long time yet.

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